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LTO is an open format that provides the business enterprises more flexibility and luxury to interchange the LTO tapes products among the different LTO brands. Sony has employed breakthrough features in its superior quality LTO-4 tape cartridges. Transfer speed of LTO 4 format has been increased to native 120 MB/s. LTO-4 Sony cartridges data recording ability is 800GB in uncompressed form. Recording capability of Sony LTO 4 tape increases by 100% with the data compression.

Sony has specifically developed new tape materials, surface smoothing techniques and media coating technology for the production of LTO-4 cartridges. These latest manufacturing processes have resulted in more durable and resilient LTO4 storage media. Part number of Sony LTO-4 backup tapes is LTX800W and LTX800G. Sony LTX800W is a WORM enabled media tape. This means that the Sony LTX800W ultrium tape will not allow the users to alter the data after it has been stored. LTX800G is a rewritable LTO-4 tape. Sony has introduced two forms of LTO4 tapes, so that the data managers can select the backup tape which can fulfill the needs of their storage environments. Sony LTX800W is best for busy data centers, workstations and departmental backups.

All generations of LTO tapes are manufactured by Sony, which includes Sony LTO-1 tape (LTX100G), Sony LTO-2 tape(LTX200GWW), Sony LTO-3 tape (LTX400GWW), Sony LTO cleaning cartridge (LTX-CL), Sony LTO-4 tape (LTX800W, LTX800G) and Sony LTO-5 tape (LTX1500G).

High performance Sony LTX800G provides unmatched reliability at 120 Mbps native and 240 Mbps compressed transfer speed. Sony LTO-4 cartridge has longer tape length which allows greater storage capacity. To make this possible, the thickness of tape reel was significantly reduced. Sony LTO4 incorporates an 8-KB memory chip which increases the data throughput. Memory chip reduces file access time.

Sonys exclusive servo track recording mechanism assures smooth tape movement and data tracking, which contributes to the reduced media wear and superior data integrity. Sony has improved the cartridge design of LTO-4 tape and has given it a flange shape so that the tape edges could be protected during heavy duty cycles.

Sony LTO-4 cartridge reliably works in conjunction with the LTO4 tape drive to support hardware based 256-bit encryption. For greater storage capacity, the data tracks of Sony ultrium LTO-4 are increased to 896. Media of LTO-4 Sony cartridges are composed of newly developed ultra fine metal particles. These magnetic particles are evenly dispersed with the help of Sonys improved dispersion technology. Evenly dispersed metal particles enable stable data tracking, optimize the performance and reduce the wear of data tape. Sony LTX800G ultrium tape provides stable output frequency during high density storage.

Sony has further raised the durability of LTO-4 LTX800G cartridge by the introduction of highly precise cartridge molding mechanism and improved servo signal writing system. Sony LTX800G backup tape has a robust storage medium that provides exceptional mechanical stability during heavy stress and workloads.
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Sony Lto Tape

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This article was published on 2011/02/18