Sony China's High? Shizuo: Prominent Localization Innovation Strategy

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4 3 Reuters Sony (China) Limited today announced that Sony chief representative of China, China Design Engineering Group, the former president of Sony high? Shizuo effect from March 1 officially appointed chairman of Sony China, the former chairman of a small temple Guyana in 2006 last Friday (March 31) officially retired from Sony. Sony's head of China-related stress, this is a normal staff turnover, with the outside world are not associated with any rumors.

High? Ching-hung, Sony will continue to serve as chief representative in China, Mr. Kawasaki will continue to serve as a Sony (China) Co., Ltd vice chairman and president.

Last year on April 1, high? Shizuo to executive vice president of Sony China's status was sent to China as president of Sony China Design Engineering Group, working in China, meet local design and development needs and lifestyle of Chinese consumers new products. Sony Chinese official said above, known as the "WALKMAN" father of high? Jing-hsiung is a very experienced, with Sony's innovative spirit of the heart and soul, he led a comprehensive China business, will Sony's innovative mechanisms for more introduction to the Chinese market.

The outside world that the Sony to have a technical background and innovative high? Shizuo as chairman of China shows that Sony's emphasis on the Chinese market, "one can imagine, a series of China for Chinese consumers to innovative products will be introduced. "

High? Shizuo formally joined in 1962, Sony Corporation, has been


Numerous new technologies and new product development, which


Including the world famous first WALKMAN, the world's first passport-sized home

Digital Camera

And so on. Meanwhile, as the Group's senior management that he was Sony's strategic development in the digital age has played a positive role.

High? Shizuo continued on Sony in China


Full of confidence and commitment: "In order to meet Sony's really become rooted in consumer demand in China China's international


I will put all the experience to Sony in China's development, from product planning, hardware and software design, production, marketing,


After service, I am committed to fully upgrade from all aspects of e-business


Try their best to consumers in China to provide more and better enable them to satisfaction and trust products and services. Meanwhile, Sony will continue to contribute to the Chinese practice of social, economic and industrial development firm commitment to actively participate in social activities, and to enrich the creativity and resources to better practice to make its own contribution to the above commitments. "

Personnel changes for the Sony Group President and Chief Executive Officer of e-business, Dr. Ryoji Chubachi said, "high? Mr. Shizuo Sony one of the most important high-level leaders, especially the revolutionary leadership is known for product innovation . as Sony (China) new chairman, he will give full play to China's outstanding local


The potential for the Chinese market and even more important to bring more unique world of Sony products. I sincerely hope that Sony (China) Company to become an innovative


Company. "

Sony Group, released in September 2005 the company long-term growth strategy, announced by focusing on electronics,


Entertainment area focuses on strengthening the three core business groups


Force, in particular, will focus on further structural reforms to revive through e-business.

Sony on the former chairman of Kodera

business in China spoke highly of the contributions made.

Sony (China) Co., Ltd. by the Sony Corporation in October 1996 in Beijing, to manage and coordinate


Business activities in China's wholly owned subsidiary. Sony Corporation ended March 31, 2005 the end of the fiscal year 2004 consolidated sales of 66.9 billion U.S. dollars.

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Sony China's High? Shizuo: Prominent Localization Innovation Strategy

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Sony China's High? Shizuo: Prominent Localization Innovation Strategy

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