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2008 1 18, Beijing, with a kind, gentle "Jasmine", sounded, dressed in his customary Baiqun, dancing sweet girl next door. In this spectacular atmosphere, bring the same warm, "wan" experience Sony
New S
-A201 a sparkling debut. Subsequently, with the "charm". "Core," the second largest chapter of the splendid performance, the other two digital speaker boutique Sony SRS-A212 and SRS-M55 also has appeared, eventually gathered into a vivid description, fascinating dance music. Sony Digital speaker in the New Year, bringing people a Brilliant Work, a new, stylish and personalized

Sony fashion
Product design has been leading the trend, the strike out
Multimedia Speaker
Market, three speaker product design heritage in consumer electronics products has always been innovation and inspiration, and sound quality for people using computers to listen to soothing, enjoy the effects of a shock
Large, real realistic 3D game play to provide a quality enjoyment.

Sony official said: The new Sony Speaker Wan charm Core with three major manifestations of highly innovative products market, not only gave rise to a new audio-visual enjoyment, but also comprehensive interpretation of the new Sony speakers features and advantages, Sony once again witness advocate individuality, fashion, lifestyle consistent with the beliefs.

"Wan" in Sony's SRS-A201

"What a beautiful jasmine, jasmine flower petals, fragrant white ......" all boast a gentle, pristine and intimate," Jasmine ", a there are like the girl next door, cute, sweet, the girl dressed in a white sling, a cheerful, bright modern dance, and sketched out the soul of a people quiet, quiet, gentle realm, this time Sony unveiled new digital speakers, SRS-A201 is the the best reflection of mood.

Sony SRS-A201 digital speaker

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White with elegant black body
Sony SRS-A201, the appearance of compact and lightweight, while no shortage of fashion and individuality. Polymer material, matte treatment, to make them a home and everyday life scenes in a stylish, personalized, but not exaggerated bright colors, the Sony SRS-A201 can make everyday
Experience the upgrade, in terms of
, In the study, bedroom, she can add
So, its all magnetically shielded, fully avoided and
Interference between, people no matter where they are, can enjoy the clean, gentle music. The input interface design front, but also eliminates the cumbersome need of traditional speakers can be very convenient direct plug audio cable, full humanity.

Sony SRS-A201 makes beautiful sound quality. It uses SRS surround
System, NC
In order to achieve a strong acoustic reproduction capabilities, high frequency sound is clear, transparent, low-frequency shock and full penetration.

Sony digital speaker SAR-A201

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Yuen is a state of life, Yuen is a dream mood. Sony SRS-A201, the temperature of a girl next door, "wan", let's get out out from the ordinary life, but not for the outside of the complex and the temptation to find that we really touched lives.

Design features:

Dizzy Cool design and elegant simplicity

? Polymer material, matt treatment

? Powerful sound, 57mm driver

? Built-in microphone NC

? Full / bass reflex model

? Input interface front, the use of more convenient

? All magnetically shielded, can be arbitrarily placed


? Output power: 2Wx2

- Stereo mini jack

- Volume: 71x141x91mm
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New Sony Digital Speaker Core Charm Of Yuen Yuen (figure) - Multimedia Speakers, Speakers, Sony -

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