Digital Cameras - Great Tips on Buying Refurbished Digital Cameras

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Finding the right camera needs some research depending on the type of use you are looking for. Most consumers buy them mainly for home use.  They use them for snap scenes like taking quick pictures of precious moments of kids hanging upside down in the backyard, the cat napping, or the dog chasing a squirrel. The Sony DSC- W series is one of the popular models. It takes great pictures and have the basic functionality.

The important factors are good size LCD screens, especially for those who need reading glasses. One should look for at least a 2.5 inch screen or bigger, a good battery life, and some basic zoom. A 3x optical zoom is a basic requirement for a digital camera. Even the slimmest of models have these zoom. I like those with a toggle wheel vs. all menu driven models. It is best to have a quick menu on the toggle wheel or buttons and then advanced menu for each if you want to drill down on it. Don't forget to make sure it has a good video capability for those moments you want to preserve quickly in motion picture. Remember that the resolution of these videos are generally about Youtube quality. And don't expect much more.

The Sony cybershot DSC wx1 has an inbuilt 11Gig memory with an external memory stick duo slot. It is nice to have internal memory and 11 Gig is in the high end for a consumer camera. But 11 Gig is an odd number , what happened to 12Gig. I bet they are using 1 Gig internally for its on-board electronics. I have personally bought at least 5 Sony refurbished digital cameras. Face detection and smile detection are nice features that are standard on Sony DSCs. Face detection is a very common feature now. Make sure it's there. Multi-point focus is another one. Make sure your battery is lithium ion and can take at least 250 shots per charge.

Nikon coolpix is another great model and the new s1000pj is coming out soon with a projector inbuilt. It is only VGA resolution for the projection though. The battery life would be key here. The official number is 1 hour. I would guess that with picture taking and lying around the house, the practical use of the projector would be to quickly do a slide show as a conversation piece. The price tag is a whopping $429. And it records video at 640x480 using 30 frames per sec. A very respectable feature set and a great Christmas gift for a dear one. It comes out in September and by October these refurbished digital cameras will become available just in time for Santa!

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Digital Cameras - Great Tips on Buying Refurbished Digital Cameras

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This article was published on 2010/03/29